Thursday, February 9, 2017


Part of this My Peak Challenge is setting goals. So here are my Goals for 2017. (Once I get back on the wagon that is. :)
  1. Diet  To be honest we are a busy family with a lot going on. And we eat on the run quite a bit. Also my husband gets some somewhere between 6 and 7:30 so it is hard to plan for that when the boy goes to bed at 8:30! So I am trying to at least buy healthy food to have around the house and trying to cook at least 3-4 days a week.
  2. Exercise - I has GOTS to exercise. And I thought I would have time in my schedule but for some damn reason I have a really hard time finding the time. So I am making time. I am doing some of the workouts from MPC, but have also found some fun ones on Pop sugar Fitness
  3. Clean House - Does this mean my house is always sparkling?!? Heck no! But I just want to keep it picked up! Along with a busy lifestyle that means that stuff just doesn't get picked up. My goal here is that at any given time a friend could come over, and I wouldn't be totally embarrassed!
  4. Organization - This includes my super cool Happy Planner that I am totally obsessed with! But also Organizing toys, kitchen cabinets, etc. Really just need it all Organized!!
  5. Hand Lettering- This is one of my creative goals, I have always loved handlettering. And have vowed to teach myself how to do this!
  6. Christmas Stocking- Oh Lord this thing, Its a needle point stocking that I started on for my son when he was less than a year old. HE IS NOW 6!!! Its time to finish this dagone thing!!!
  7. Blogging - I am so not good at keeping up with my blogging. Like at all. This is a goal to blog at least once a week. Not only here but on my other blog, KY Clickin Mom.
  8. Pen pal - I got a MPC pen pal! I want/need to keep up with this! I love getting to know new people and this is a long lost tradition that I am excited to start back!

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